IObjectSecurity Method: GetAccessPermissions

Trustee As String
); As String


[in] String Trustee
User or group name for whom permissions have to be returned.

Gets the access permissions for a trustee. Note that this operation does not check for indirect access permissions users might have due to their group memberships. To get the indirect access permission, use the GetEffectivePermissions method.

Return Values
Permissions for the Trustee on the currently attached object. See Access Permissions for all possible permissions.


Dim ObjSec  As IObjectSecurity
Set ObjSec = CreateObject("DirectScript.ObjectSecurity")
'Attach to the file c:\test.txt
ObjSec.AttachFile "c:\test.txt"
'Print the permissions that "TrusteeName" has on the file c:\test.txt
Debug.Print ObjSec.GetAccessPermissions("TrusteeName")


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