IObjectSecurity Method: GetEffectivePermissions

 Trustee As String
) As String;


[in] String Trustee
User or group name for whom the effective permissions are to be obtained.

Returns the effective access permissions for the user or group on the current object. The method also checks for indirect access permissions. Indirect permissions mean permissions due to global group memberships on the current DC (Domain Controller) and local group memberships on the local computer or the computer specified by the user during the Attach operation.

Return Values
Returns the effective permissions for a trustee on the currently attached object. See Access Permissions for possible permissions.


Dim ObjSec  As IObjectSecurity
Set ObjSec = CreateObject("DirectScript.ObjectSecurity")
'Attach to the file c:\test.txt
ObjSec.AttachFile "c:\test.txt"
'Print the effective permissions that "TrusteeName" has on the file c:\test.txt
Debug.Print ObjSec.GetEffectivePermissions("TrusteeName")


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