Preparing a Message DLL

All messages that you want to use must be stored in a message text file. The extension of this file should be ".MC" (for instance, ""). This message text file is compiled using the message compiler utility - MC.EXE. The message compiler converts the message text file into a binary file suitable for inclusion in a resource script (.RC file). The Resource Compiler - RC.EXE - is then used to place the messages into a resource for inclusion in a program application or DLL.

Messages are stored in the message text file in a predefined standard format. Please see the help file MC.HLP for complete information about the message compiler and the message text file.

DirectScript includes a sample MessageDLL for EventLog. You can use this sample to log events using the DirectScript Event Logger Object.

Note: MC.EXE, RC.EXE and MC.HLP are installed with Microsoft Developer Studio.


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