Configuring storage devices by using the Device Configuration Wizard

You can use the Device Configuration Wizard to configure storage devices, including creating backup-to-disk folders, installing Symantec tape device drivers, and correcting the display of robotic library drives. You can also view other devices that may be available, depending on your environment. To configure some of the devices, such as Symantec Protection Network folders or storage array components, you must install the associated Backup Exec option. Then, you can configure those devices from the Devices view.

See About Symantec Protection Network Online Storage for Backup Exec.

See About the Storage Provisioning Option.

Separate wizards are available for creating backup-to-disk folders and installing tape device drivers, but when you first install Backup Exec, it may be easier to use the Device Configuration Wizard to configure these storage devices.

Use the Device Configuration Wizard for the following tasks:

Table: Device Configuration Wizard tasks

You can

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Create a backup-to-disk folder

If you are new to Backup Exec, you should be familiar with the requirements, advanced options, and default options for backup-to-disk folders. While the wizard prompts you to select some options, most of the backup-to-disk folder settings are based on default settings.

See Creating a backup-to-disk folder by using the Backup-to-disk Wizard.

See Requirements for creating a removable backup-to-disk folder.

See Configuring advanced options for a backup-to-disk folder.

See Setting defaults for new backup-to-disk folders.

Install Symantec device drivers

Install Symantec tape device drivers by using the Symantec Device Driver Installation Wizard.

See Installing Symantec device drivers by using the Symantec Device Driver Installation Wizard.

Configure robotic library drives

Use this option to correct the display of robotic library drives. For example, after installing Backup Exec, a stand-alone drive may be inadvertently displayed as an unknown device in the Devices view. If this happens, you can click the stand-alone drive and drag it to the correct location.

If the storage devices are not displayed in the correct order, ensure that the drive element addresses for robotic libraries are in the right order, and that the right device drivers have been installed.

See About robotic libraries in Backup Exec.

See Enabling robotic library support.

See Configuring a robotic library.

To start the Device Configuration Wizard

  1. On the navigation bar, click Devices.

  2. In the task pane, under Device Wizards, click Device configuration wizard.

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts.

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