Adding devices by using the Hot-swappable Device Wizard

Use the Hot-swappable Device Wizard to replace or add a hot-swappable storage device on a Backup Exec media server without having to reboot the server.

If you remove and then reconnect Universal Serial Bus (USB) tape devices to the USB port, you must run the Hot-swappable Device Wizard to allow Backup Exec to rediscover the devices.

For iSCSI-attached devices, including iSCSI-attached disks, tape devices, or libraries, in the iSCSI control panel applet, add the device to the Persistent Targets list in the applet, and then run the Hot-swappable Device Wizard. Listing the device as a Persistent Target lets Backup Exec rediscover the device whenever the media server is restarted.

Start the Hot-swappable Wizard before you add or replace storage devices. After you start the Hot-swappable Device Wizard, you are prompted to close the Backup Exec Administration Console. The Hot-swappable Device Wizard waits until any jobs that were processing are completed. The wizard pauses the media server and stops the Backup Exec services. You can then add or replace any storage devices. The wizard detects the new or replaced device, and adds information about the device to the Backup Exec database. The wizard is then completed, and you can reopen the Backup Exec Administration Console.

Any new storage device is displayed in the Devices view, and usage statistics for the device begin accumulating. You can add the new device to a device pool or to a cascaded drive pool.

Any replaced storage device is displayed in the Devices view with a status of Offline.

To remove a storage device from Backup Exec, disable it and then delete it from the Devices view.

To start the Hot-swappable Device Wizard

  1. On the navigation bar, click Devices.

  2. In the task pane, under Device Wizards, click Hot-swappable device wizard.

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts.