About backup-to-disk folders and files

The backup-to-disk feature enables you to back up data to a folder on a hard disk. You can also use it as part of a backup process where you back up data to disk first and then transfer the data to a tape when more time is available.

On devices that have non-removable media, create a backup-to-disk folder. On devices that have removable media, such as a zip drive, create a removable backup-to-disk folder. Backup-to-disk folders that are created on devices that have non-removable media support concurrent jobs from one or more media servers.

When you create a new backup-to-disk folder, Backup Exec automatically assigns the name Backup-to-Disk Folder x, where x is a number that is incremented by one each time a new backup-to-disk folder is created. You can rename the backup-to-disk folder at any time. You can also set defaults for backup-to-disk folders that will apply to every new backup-to-disk folder that is created. If you have the Central Admin Server Option (CASO) or the SAN Shared Storage Option installed, you can share backup-to-disk folders between computers.

When you back up to disk, Backup Exec places the data in a backup-to-disk file in the backup-to-disk folder you specify. Backup-to-disk files are virtual media where backed up data is stored. Backup-to-disk files are like any other type of media, so you can inventory, catalog, erase, and restore them.

Since Backup Exec recognizes the backup-to-disk folders as devices, you can view them by selecting Devices on the navigation bar. You can view the backup-to-disk files from both the Devices view and the Media view.

In Windows Explorer, the backup-to-disk folders display in the path you specified when you added the folders. The backup-to-disk files display with a .bkf file extension. Each backup-to-disk folder also contains a file named changer.cfg and a file named folder.cfg, which store information about the backup-to-disk files.


Do not delete or edit the changer.cfg or folder.cfg files.

A subfolder with a prefix of IMG in the name may display under a backup-to-disk folder.

Backup Exec creates this subfolder when the following conditions are met in a backup job:

Disaster recovery from backup-to-disk folders must be done by remote Intelligent Disaster Recovery using a media server with access to the backup-to-disk folders.

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