Requirements for creating a backup-to-disk folder

You can create a backup-to-disk folder in any of the following locations to which you can write a file:

You should create a backup-to-disk folder on a different physical disk than the disk you want to back up. For example, if the Backup Exec Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) is used to snap volumes during a backup, and if the destination device is a backup-to-disk folder, the backup-to-disk folder should be on a separate volume that is not being snapped.

Similarly, when making selections for backups that you are targeting to a backup-to-disk folder, avoid including that folder in the selections for the job. For example, if you create a new backup-to-disk folder in C:\Backup Folders and then select the entire C:\ volume for backup, make sure that you exclude C:\Backup Folders from the selection list.

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