About running the IDR Preparation Wizard

The IDR Preparation Wizard guides you through the process of creating the bootable media that is used to recover protected computers. You can also use the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Preparation Wizard to copy disaster recovery *.dr files to any location. For example, you can use local drives, network drives, USB thumb drives, and so on. It can also guide you through process of creating a non-bootable disaster recovery CD image. A non-bootable disaster recovery CD can be used to run the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Wizard if the manufacturer of the computer that you protect requires you to start the computer using the manufacturer's bootable CD.

For example, if you are running a RAID system on a Dell, HP or other type of computer, you may be required to start the computer with the manufacturer's bootable CD in order to install the required RAID drivers.

When running the IDR Preparation Wizard, the local computer on which the IDR option is installed is used by default to create or update the disaster recovery media. However, if the computer does not have the IDR option installed locally, select Choose a media server that has the IDR option installed to select another media server on which the IDR option is installed in order to create or update the media.

To start the IDR Preparation Wizard,

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