Setting default offhost backup options

You can set the defaults that are used for every backup job.


If the Central Admin Server Option (CASO) is installed, do not let the central administration server delegate the job. It can delegate the job to a media server that does not have offhost capability. You must manually select the destination device for the CASO jobs that use the offhost backup method.

See Grouping managed media servers in pools in CASO .

To set default offhost backup options

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. In the Properties pane, under Job Defaults, click Advanced Disk-based Backup.

  3. Select the appropriate options as follows, and then click OK.

    Use offhost backup to move backup processing from remote computer to media server

    Select this check box to use the offhost backup method for volumes in all backup jobs. All requirements for offhost backup must be met.

    See About offhost backup.

    Snapshot provider

    Select one of the following options:

    • Automatic - Use hardware if available; otherwise use software. Select this option to enable VSS to select the best provider for the selected volume.

    • Software - Use Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows.

    • Hardware - Use technology provided by hardware manufacturer:

    If you select Software or Hardware as the snapshot provider, then the following information applies:

    • The provider must support transportable snaps.

    • If multiple volumes are selected, then all volumes must be snappable by the same type of provider.

    • Software and hardware providers cannot both be used to snap different volumes in the same job. You must either create another job, or make sure that the option Process logical volumes for offhost backup one at a time is selected.

    If any of the selected resources do not support offhost backup

    Select one of the following options:

    • Continue the backup job (offhost backup is not used): Select this to allow the backup job to complete even if any of the volumes selected do not support offhost backup, or if an error that is related to the snapshot or volume import occurs. The backup will run according to all the other options that have been set for this job.

    • Fail the backup job (further selections are not backed up after failure occurs): Select this to terminate the offhost backup job if any of the selected volumes do not support offhost backup, or if an error that is related to the snapshot or volume import occurs.

    Process logical volumes for offhost backup one at a time

    Enables the backup of multiple volumes in one job, while creating a snapshot of only one logical volume at a time. To ensure database integrity, or if a volume contains mount points, multiple volumes may need to be snapped at one time.

    After the logical volume is snapped and backed up, the snapshot is deleted before the next logical volume is snapped. This option increases the ability to meet the minimum quiet time needed to complete a snapshot.

    A logical volume can comprise multiple physical volumes. A single logical volume can encompass all of the volumes on which databases reside.

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