Changing the CASO catalog location

You can change the catalog location to distributed, centralized, or replicated in the CASO environment.

Changing the catalog location can cause catalog files to be copied or moved between the managed media server and the central administration server, which can increase network traffic. Additionally, you must restart the Backup Exec services on the managed media server on which the catalog location is changed.

When choosing the catalog location, consider the following:

See About CASO catalog locations.

To change the catalog location

  1. On the central administration server, click the Media Servers tab.

  2. Right-click the managed media server for which you want to change the catalogs, and then click Properties.

  3. On the media server properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab.

  4. Choose one of the following options

    Managed media server (distributed)

    Click this option to distribute catalog files between the central administration server and the managed media server.

    From the central administration server, you cannot browse backup sets on a managed media server in a catalog that was created from Backup Exec version 9x or earlier.

    If the device and media data are kept in a local database on the managed media server, then the distributed location is the only catalog location that is available.

    Select this option if you have a low-bandwidth network connection.

    Central administration server (centralized)

    Click this option to keep all catalog files on the central administration server.

    A high-bandwidth network connection should be available if this location is selected.

    Both servers (replicated)

    Click this option to replicate all catalog files from the managed media server to the central administration server.

    If a managed media server is unavailable and the device is not shared (that is, if SAN Shared Storage Option is not installed on it), you can still browse the catalog from the central administration server. However, you cannot run a restore job since the managed media server is unavailable.

    A high-bandwidth network connection should be available if this location is selected.

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