Overnight Summary Report

The Overnight Summary report lists the results of backup jobs for each resource during the last 24 hours. This report includes backup jobs that were due to run but did not run. Jobs are given a grace period of 24 hours before being marked as past due. You can limit the amount of data that appears in the report by entering filter parameters for the Protected server option.

Information displayed in the Overnight Summary report is described in the following table.

Table: Overnight Summary Report




System being protected.


Specific type of backup.

See Understanding backup methods and their advantages.

Start time

Date and time the operation started.


Status of the operation.

Error Category

Category for the job that may be generated by a system, job, media, or device error.

Media Server

Name of the media server on which the job ran.

Device Name

Name of the device on which the job ran.

Total Tasks

Total number of jobs run within the last 24 hours.

Uncorrected Exceptions

Number of jobs that failed and were not run again with successful completion.

Service Level

Percentage of jobs that ran successfully.

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