Operations Overview Report

The Operations Overview report lists details for past and future Backup Exec operations. You can limit the amount of data that appears in the report by entering range parameters for the Days or Event count options.

Information displayed in the Operations Overview report is described in the following table.

Table: Operations Overview



Job summary for jobs completed in the past x Hours

Details Backup Exec job activity for the specified time period.


Total number of system, job, media, and device error alerts.


Total number of job, media, and device warning alerts.


Total number of system, job, media, and device information alerts.

Attention Required

Total number of alerts that require a response from the user.

Completed (Failed)

Total number of jobs that failed.

Completed (Canceled)

Total number of canceled jobs.

Completed (Success)

Total number of jobs that completed successfully.


Total number of jobs that completed successfully, but may contain one or more skipped files, corrupt files, virus infected files or files in use.

Total Data Backed Up

Total amount of data backed up in MB.

Total Media Used

Total number of media used to back up the completed jobs.


Total number of missed jobs.


Total number of recovered jobs.

Active Jobs

Total number of active jobs.

Scheduled Jobs

Total number of scheduled jobs.

Jobs On Hold

Total number of jobs on hold.

Job Status

The status of the jobs.

Scratch Media

Total number of scratch media available.


Total number of recyclable media available.


Number of imported media (media created by a product other than this installation of Backup Exec).


Number of allocated media (media belonging to a user media set).

Total Overwritable Media

Total number of overwritable media available.

Total Appendable Media

Total number of appendable media available.

Media Overwrite Protection Level

Displays level of overwrite protection (Full, Partial, None) assigned to the media.

Online Devices

Total number of online devices.

Offline Devices

Total number of offline devices.

Disabled Devices

Total number of disabled devices.

Paused Devices

Total number of paused devices.


Lists the name of the devices that are disabled.


Name of the paused devices.

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