Media Set Report

The Media Set report lists all media sets and media used by Backup Exec servers. Usage statistics are given for each piece of media. You can limit the amount of data that appears in the report by selecting filter parameters for the Media set option.

Information displayed in the Media Set report is described in the following table.

Table: Media Set Report



Media Set

Name of the media set.

Media Label

Media label assigned by Backup Exec, assigned by the administrator, or contained on a pre-assigned bar code label.

Media Type

Type of media cartridge, such as 4mm.


Date media was allocated to a media set as a result of an overwrite operation.


Date data was last written to the media.


Location of the media.


Total number of hours that this media has been in use.


Total number of times this media has been mounted.

Soft Errors

Number of recoverable read errors encountered.

Hard Errors

Number of unrecoverable read errors encountered.

Write MB

Number of bytes that have been written to this media.

Current MB

Estimate of the number of megabytes currently on this media.

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