Current Job Status Report

The Current Job Status report provides details about the job queue sorted by status. You can limit the amount of data that appears in the report by selecting filter parameters for the Job status.

Information displayed in the Job Queue Status report is described in the following table.

Table: Job Queue Status Report



Job Status

Displays the job status.


Name of the job.

Next Due Date

Next date and time the job is scheduled to run.

Original Due Date

Original date and time the job was scheduled to run.


Job priority that determines which job runs first. If another job is scheduled to run at the same time as this job, the priority you set determines which job runs first.

Available priorities include the following:

  • Highest

  • High

  • Medium

  • Lowest

  • Low

On Hold

Displays an X if the job is on hold; otherwise, displays a dash (-).


Type of job that was run, such as Backup or Restore.

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