Backup Size By Resource Report

The Backup Size By Resource report lists the backup size for each resource job for up to seven previous policy-based jobs run. It also computes the trailing average, which is the average of the amount of data backed up in the seven previous jobs.

This report only shows jobs created by applying a policy to a resource.

See Creating a new policy.

See Creating jobs using policies.

You can limit the amount of data that appears in the report by entering filter parameters for the Protected server option.

Information displayed in the Backup Size by Resource report is described in the following table.

Table: Backup Size by Resource Job Report




Name of the media server where the data for the backup job was located.


Name of the resource backed up.


Name of the backup job.

Job Date and Time Run

Date and time the backup job was processed.

Backup Size, MB

Amount of data backed up in megabytes.

Trailing Avg, MB

Average amount of data backed up during the seven previous runs.

Difference %

Amount by which the data backed up in the current job differs from the previous backup jobs.

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