Backup Sets by Media Set Report

The Backup Sets by Media Set report lists all the backup sets by media set. You can limit the amount of data that appears in the report by selecting filter parameters for the Media Set option.

Information displayed in the Backup Sets by Media Sets report is described in the following table.

Table: Backup Sets by Media Sets Report



Media Set

Name of the media set on which the job ran.

Media Label

Media label assigned by Backup Exec, assigned by the administrator, or contained on a pre-assigned bar code label.


Sequential number for backup sets on the media.


Specific type of backup.

See Choosing a backup strategy.

Date / Time

Date and time the data was backed up.

Backup Set Description / Source

Describes the data that was backed up and the location of the data.


Number of directories backed up.


Number of files backed up.


Amount of data backed up in megabytes.

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