Backup Set Details by Resource Report

The Backup Set Details by Resource report lists all jobs that ran within the specified time range on a selected server. The jobs are grouped by the server and resource. You can limit the amount of data that appears in the report by entering filter parameters for the Protected server option and range parameters for the Hours option.

Information displayed in the Daily Jobs by Resource report is described in the following table.

Table: Backup Set Details by Resource Report




Name of the system being protected.

Start Time

Date and time the operation started.


Length of time the operation took to process.

Size (MB)

Number of megabytes processed.


Number of files processed.


Number of directories processed.


Number of megabytes processed per minute.


Number of files skipped during the operation.

Corrupt Files

Number of corrupt files encountered during the operation.

Files in Use

Number of files in use during the operation.


Status of the operation, such as Completed.

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