Setting the time window for a scheduled job

The time window is the period of time during which a job can begin. The time window does not extend beyond 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. For example, you cannot set a time window to start at 03:00 AM and end at 05:00 AM the next day.

The default time window is from 11:00 PM to 10:59:59 PM. If you use the default setting, a job that is scheduled to run on Monday can begin at or anytime after 11:00 PM on Monday. It cannot start after 10:59:59 PM on Tuesday night.

You can set a time window that extends past midnight and into the next day, which may change the day on which the job runs. For example, if you schedule a job to run every Friday between 10:00 PM and 04:00 AM, the job may run on Saturday before or at 04:00 AM. If you do not want the job to run on Saturday, you must alter the time window to start the job no later than 11:59:59.

To set the time window for a scheduled job

  1. Determine the type of job that you want to schedule, and then on the navigation bar, click the appropriate button.

    For example, to schedule a backup job, click the arrow next to Backup.

  2. On the Properties pane, under Frequency, click Schedule.

  3. Click Run according to schedule.

  4. Do one of the following:

    To select run days for a new job

    Continue to step 5.

    To edit run days for an existing job

    Click Edit Schedule Details.

  5. On the Calendar Schedule tab, under Edit Calendar schedule by, click Time Window.

  6. In the Start no earlier than box, select the time after which the job can start.

  7. In the and no later than box, select the time by which the job must start.

  8. Click OK.