Scheduling a job to run on a day interval

You can schedule a job to run every certain number of days calculated from a particular date. For example, you can set up a job to run every three days, starting on January 1, 2006. By default, the date from which the interval is calculated is the current date. However, you can set a date on which you want the schedule to go into effect. If the selection list that you are backing up has an availability window, Backup Exec uses the availability window instead of the date that you select here to calculate the starting date.

For example, you schedule a backup job to run every 7 days beginning on the 11th day of June. The associated selection list has an availability window that begins on the 12th day of June. The job is scheduled to run for the first time on June 12th. However, the calendar indicates that the starting date is June 11th.

Recurring tasks run during the specified time window.

To schedule a job to run on a day interval

  1. Determine the type of job that you want to schedule, and then on the navigation bar, click the appropriate button.

    For example, to schedule a backup job, click the arrow next to Backup.

  2. On the Properties pane, under Frequency, click Schedule.

  3. Click Run according to schedule.

  4. Do one of the following:

    To select run days for a new job

    Continue to step 5.

    To edit run days for an existing job

    Click Edit Schedule Details.

  5. On the Calendar Schedule tab, under Edit Calendar schedule by, click Day Interval

  6. Check Every.

  7. Enter the number of days on which you want the job to recur.

  8. In the days calculated from box, select the date on which you want the schedule to go into effect.

    The date you enter here does not override the effective date that you set up using the Effective Date option on the Calendar Schedule tab.

  9. Click OK.