About updating Backup Exec with LiveUpdate

Symantec LiveUpdate, which provides updates, upgrades, and new versions of Backup Exec, is installed automatically with Backup Exec. If you enable the automatic update option, you can configure LiveUpdate to poll the main Symantec Web server on a scheduled interval. The automatic update option only searches for Backup Exec updates. It does not show updates for other Symantec products that use LiveUpdate. Likewise, when LiveUpdate is scheduled to automatically update other Symantec products, it does not search for Backup Exec updates.


By default, LiveUpdate checks for updates every Sunday night at 10pm. If there is an update, LiveUpdate notifies you with an alert.

In addition to scheduling LiveUpdate, you can also run it manually at any time. You can access LiveUpdate from several locations in Backup Exec. However, you cannot access it from the Windows Start menu.


During the installation and upgrade processes, Backup Exec stops and starts the SQL Server service several times. Other user-created databases that use the SQL Server instance are unavailable during the installation or upgrade process. To avoid such conflicts, you should install Backup Exec into its own SQL instance.

Backup Exec installs the latest version of LiveUpdate. If a previous version of LiveUpdate is detected on the computer, Backup Exec upgrades it.

You can view any hot fixes or service packs that are installed on the media server.

See Viewing installed updates.

LiveUpdate installs updates on the Backup Exec media server. You can then push-install or manually copy those updates to Backup Exec Remote Agents.

If LiveUpdate installs any files, the Bkupinst.htm installation log file is updated with information about those files.

You can use the LiveUpdate Administrator Utility with LiveUpdate. The LiveUpdate Administrator Utility allows an administrator to modify LiveUpdate so that network users can download program and virus definition updates from an internal server rather than going to the Symantec LiveUpdate server over the Internet.

Go to ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/liveupdate/luadmin.pdf

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