About Backup Exec's media server options

The following options allow greater control of storage resources and alternate backup techniques on Backup Exec media servers.

Table: Backup Exec media server options



Symantec Backup Exec Central Admin Server Option

Maximizes your Backup Exec for Windows Servers investment by providing centralized administration and load balanced job processing functionality for existing or newly configured Backup Exec for Windows Servers media servers.

See How CASO works.

Symantec Backup Exec Advanced Open File Option

Ensures that all files on your network are protected even if they are being used. Whether used alone or in combination with specific database agents, this option handles open files at the volume level and is seamlessly integrated with Backup Exec. You do not need to know which files are open ahead of time; just set a scheduled backup to use this option.

See About the Advanced Open File Option.

Symantec Backup Exec Advanced Disk-based Backup Option (ADBO)

Provides the following features:

  • Synthetic backup assembles, or synthesizes, data from one previous full or incremental backup and subsequent incremental backups. This feature eliminates the need to run full backups. The synthesis is performed on the Backup Exec media server without accessing the remote computer. The overall backup window and the network bandwidth requirements are reduced.

  • True image restore enables Backup Exec to restore the contents of directories to what they were at the time of a full backup or incremental backup.

    You choose restore selections from a view of the directories as they existed at the time of the backup. Files that were deleted before then are not restored. Only the correct versions of files are restored from the appropriate full or incremental backups. Previous versions are not restored and then overwritten.

  • Offhost backup moves the backup operation away from the remote computer to a Backup Exec media server in a fiber-connected SAN environment. When the backup is moved to the media server, the remote computer is free for other operations. Offhost backup for Exchange Server backups that have the Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) option enabled are also supported.

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Symantec Backup Exec Active Directory Recovery Agent (ADRA)

Lets you restore the objects and attributes from the following Microsoft applications without having to perform an authoritative or non-authoritative full restores:

  • Active Directory

  • Active Directory Application Mode

  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

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