Selecting Lotus Domino databases for restore

When you view Lotus Domino databases in the restore selections pane, two backup sets appear for each Lotus Domino backup job. The first backup set contains the Lotus Domino databases and the second backup set contains the transaction logs.

To restore data, selections should be made from the backup set that contains the Lotus Domino databases; the required transaction logs are automatically restored with the selected database.

Lotus Domino data is usually contained in the most recent backup set. However, some subsequent differential or incremental backup jobs run after a full backup job may not contain data in the backup set because only the transaction log was backed up. If the data you want to restore is not located in the most recent backup set, check the previous backup sets until you find the data.


If a new DBIID has been assigned to databases and you run a differential or incremental backup, the data will be contained in the most recent backup set since transactions with the new DBIID will not match the old DBIID.

For example, LD Server has a Full Backup 0001 and a Differential Backup 0002. If you decide you want to restore data from Differential Backup 0002, you may select the Data directory and find that it is empty.

The data backed up for Differential Backup 0002 is actually contained in the transaction log backup set. To restore the data, you must select it from the previous Full Backup 0001.

The transaction logs from Differential Backup 0002 will be used to bring the database up to date.


When restoring Lotus Domino databases to Microsoft Cluster Server cluster, the virtual computer name or the virtual IP address of the Domino server should be used when browsing or making Domino database selections in the View by Resource tab of the Restore Job Properties dialog box.

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