Redirecting restore jobs for Lotus Domino databases

The Backup Exec logon account must have administrative credentials on the server to which you want to redirect the backup of the Lotus Domino server. Lotus Domino databases can only be redirected to a different directory on the local server from which the database was backed up. If you are restoring a database to a different location, it must reside in or under the Lotus Domino data directory. Point in time restores cannot be redirected.

To redirect the restore of a Lotus Domino database

  1. Select the media that contains the data you want to restore.

  2. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Restore.

  3. Click New Restore Job.

  4. Select the Lotus Domino databases.

  5. After selecting options on the Restore Job Properties dialog box, on the Properties pane, under Destination, click File Redirection.

  6. Select Redirect file sets.

  7. Select the drive to which you are restoring in Restore to drive. You cannot enter the name of the drive, you must make a selection.

  8. Enter the logon account for the server in Server logon account.

  9. Enter the path to which you are restoring in Restore to path.

  10. Enter the logon account for the path in Path logon account.

  11. Start the redirection job or select other restore options from the Properties pane.

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