Modifying backup selections in the Desktop Agent's standard view

The backup selections standard view provides a list of drives, folders, and files that you can select for backup.

When you create new backup selections in the standard view, the default backup selection settings are used. When you add new subfolders and files to the backup selection using the standard view, the new backup selections have the same settings as the original selections.

In the standard view, files and folders are represented in a tree view where users can select or deselect files and folders for backup. When the check box next to a file or folder is grayed out, the selection was defined by the administrator and can only be changed in the advanced view if the administrator has granted this right in the profile definition.

See Modifying backup selections in the Desktop Agent's advanced view.

When a red X appears in the check box next to a file or folder, this item has been globally excluded from all backups by the administrator and cannot be selected.

To modify backup selections in the standard view

  1. In the Tasks bar, under Views, click Backup Selections.

  2. Click Standard view.

  3. Check the folders and files you want to back up, and uncheck the files and folders that you no longer want to back up.

    Expand selections by clicking the plus sign (+) and collapse selections by clicking the minus sign (-).

  4. Click Save changes to save the new settings or Undo changes to return to the last saved settings.

    After clicking Save, previously backed-up selections that were unchecked are treated like deleted backup selections and will no longer be backed up. The backup files for this selection will be deleted after the number of days specified in the backup selection settings. The source files for the deleted backup selection will not be deleted by the Desktop Agent.

    Checked folders that were not previously checked are added to the backup selections for this desktop.