Modifying backup selections in the Desktop Agent's advanced view

From the advanced view, backup selections created on the Desktop Agent and those created by the DLO administrator in the profile can be modified if the profile grants sufficient rights to the Desktop Agent user.

To modify backup selections in the advanced view

  1. Under Views in the Desktop Agent Tasks Bar, click Backup Selections.

  2. Click Advanced view.

  3. Select the backup selection you want to change, and then click Modify.

  4. Profile backup selections are those set by the DLO administrator. If the backup selection is a profile backup selection, and if the user has been granted sufficient rights, it can be modified by selecting Use custom selection in the drop-down menu. Once this option is selected, your backup selection will no longer be updated when the administrator updates the profile backup selection.

    You can return to the profile backup selection settings at any time by selecting Use Profile selection in the drop-down menu. Once you make this selection, your profile will be updated if the DLO administrator modifies the profile backup selection.

  5. Modify the backup selection properties as needed.

  6. Click OK.