Updating the Desktop Agent

When the media server is updated, either through a full install, hotfix or Service Pack release, the Desktop Agents need to be updated in one of the following ways:

Table: How to update the Desktop Agent



From the Desktop Agent

Run the setup.exe file from the computer on which the Desktop Agent is installed.

The setup.exe file is located in the following directory:

\\<media server>\DLOAgent\update_12.5\Setup.exe.

From the Backup Exec Administration Console

Use the Backup Exec push-install feature.

From the DLO Administration Console

Use the publish command in the DLO Command Line Interface.

Desktop Agents can be upgraded silently. During a silent upgrade, the user is not prompted to download and start the upgrade. However, the user is prompted to confirm that he or she wants to perform the upgrade.

To upgrade Desktop Agents from the DLO Administration Console using the Command Line Interface

  1. Update the media server as directed in the update documentation.

  2. From the command line on the media server, change to the DLO installation directory.

    The default installation directory is:

    C:\Program Files\symantec\Backup Exec\DLO

  3. Run DLOCommandu.exe with the update option to add the configuration file and make note of the ID number that is returned when this command is run:

    DLOCommandu -update -add -f..\agents\dlo\update_12.5\DLOAgentUpdate_BE.ini

    If the configuration file has been moved or renamed, you must specify the full path and file name in the command.

    Sample output:


    Name= 12.5 Update

    Description=Updates Backup Exec DLO Desktop Agent to 12.5

    Version=3.1 Build=3.XX.XX





  4. Run DLOCommandu.exe with the publish command to make the update available to Desktop Agent users.

    	DLOCommandu -update -publish -UI y -U UserName
    	DLOCommandu -update -publish -UI y -P ProfileName

    Where y is the ID number returned when the 'add' command was run in step 3. Using an asterisk in place of UserName or ProfileName publishes the update to all users.

    When this command is executed, it returns a list of all users that are targeted for update. Users will be updated the next time the Desktop Agent application is started.

To run the Desktop Agent upgrade silently

  1. From the Desktop Agent upgrade folder, open the DLOAgnetUpdate_BE.ini file for editing.

  2. Set PromptUser=0.

  3. Save and Close the file.

  4. Run the upgrade.

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