About the components of DLO

DLO is comprised of the following components:

Table: Components of DLO



DLO Administration Console

The DLO Administration Console is part of Backup Exec and runs on the Backup Exec media server. The DLO Administration Console runs in a separate window that you access from Backup Exec.

From the DLO Administration Console, the Administrator can do the following:

  • Create profiles, which control the desktop user's level of interaction with the Desktop Agent. In addition, you can use profiles to define the types of files to back up, and to set the backup schedule.

  • Create network user data folders, which are locations where data is stored.

  • Create Automated User Assignments, which determine the storage location and profile to which users are assigned.

  • Add users to DLO manually.

  • View history log files, receive alerts, and restore files to a desktop.

DLO database

The DLO database is part of Backup Exec and runs on the Backup Exec media server.

DLO Maintenance Service

The maintenance server is installed by default when DLO is installed.

Only one maintenance server is required. However, in large installations it may be more efficient to have one maintenance server for each Storage Location host (File Server).

Desktop Agent

The Desktop Agent resides on the desktops and laptops that you want to protect. The Desktop Agent may run in the background, automatically protecting files.

Alternatively, desktop users with full access to the Desktop Agent interface can do the following:

  • Schedule backups

  • Select which types of files to back up

  • Restore files

  • Synchronize file versions between different computers

  • View the status of backups

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