About the Remote Agent for NetWare Systems

The Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for NetWare Systems (Remote Agent) is installed as a separate, add-on component that must be used for the backup and restore of remote NetWare resources.

The Remote Agent allows network administrators for Windows servers to perform backup and restore operations on NetWare servers that are connected to their network.

You can find a list of compatible operating systems, platforms, and applications at the following URL:


Because the Remote Agent is also a Client Access License (CAL), it enables you to fully protect your NetWare data and to perform accelerated backups of NetWare data. You cannot select data and special files on resources for a remote NetWare server for backup until a Remote Agent has been installed.

The Remote Agent is a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) installed on the NetWare server. The Remote Agent provides faster backups by locally performing the tasks that in typical backup technologies require extensive network interaction. For example, instead of waiting for requests and data packets to be sent between the NetWare server and the media server each time a file is selected for backup, the Remote Agent processes backup data into continuous streams that use Novell's Storage Management Services (SMS). The media server then processes the backup data as a single task. The Remote Agent is fully Novell SMS-compliant.

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