Restoring a backup set enabled for true image restore

When backups are enabled for true image restore, you can choose restore selections from a view of the volume as it existed at the time of the selected backup.

You can view or choose true image backup sets by clicking Restore on the navigation tab. True image restore selections are only displayed on the View by Resource tab. True image restore selections cannot display on the View by Media tab.

If you select true image backup sets in View by Resource, and then click the View by Media tab, you are prompted to cancel all of the selections first. If you then select one of the same backup sets on the View by Media tab, the set is restored without true image functionality even though it is a true image backup set.

You can also enable true image restore on a duplicate copy of a backup set, which provides support for multi-stage backup, or backup staging. For example, the first stage of a backup that is enabled for true image restore is written to disk, and is then later copied to tape. If the backup set on the disk becomes unavailable, you can use the true image restore selections on the tape. Backup Exec automatically selects the most suitable duplicate backup sets that are available.

The most suitable backup sets of the duplicate backup sets that are available, using the following order of preference:


Only backup sets created by Backup Exec version 12.5 installations are supported for true image restore. When a previous version of the Remote Agent is used, you can still select backup sets to be restored from a true image view, but the restore operation performs traditional restores of backup sets. The restore operation starts from the prior full backup and processes incremental backups forward to the selected backup set. Deleted and renamed files are also restored. A message in the job log informs you that true image restore was not performed, but that all appropriate backup sets were automatically selected.

A unique icon represents the true image backup sets. Each true image backup set shows the entire selection list as it appeared on disk when the backup ran.

Different icons distinguish between the objects backed up in the viewed backup job and objects backed up in previous backups.

Figure: True image restore icons

True image restore icons

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