Recovering failed jobs in CASO

The Backup Exec error-handling rule named Recovered Jobs is a custom error-handling rule that is used by CASO to recover jobs that failed because of issues with internal job communications. This rule is created when Backup Exec is installed and is enabled by default.

The retry options for this rule are to retry the job twice, with an interval of five minutes between the retry attempts. During the first retry attempt, CASO attempts to re-delegate the jobs to another available managed media server.

If this attempt fails, CASO makes a second attempt at finding another available managed media server to process the jobs. If no managed media servers are available, the final job disposition is to place the job on hold until you have fixed the error condition.


If you target a job to a media server pool that contains multiple managed media servers and a job failure occurs, the recovery process uses only the managed media servers in the media server pool. Managed media servers that are not in the media server pool are not used for job recovery.

A CASO job with a status of No Communication that is failed and then recovered by Backup Exec is displayed in the Backup Exec job history view in gray, with a job status of Recovered. A CASO job that failed due to errors in normal daily activities is displayed in red text, the same as other failed jobs.

When you open the job history entry for a Recovered job, the reason for the failure is listed as Job Errors, with an explanation of the type of internal communication error that occurred. The job history entry also indicates that the job was recovered.


Job logs are not created for jobs that are recovered.

The following table describes the CASO error codes that are selected by default for the Recovered Jobs custom error-handling rule:

Table: Error codes for Recovered Jobs custom error-handling rule

Error code



The displayed message is: Job failed while being dispatched. The job will be recovered.



The displayed message is: The job could not be delegated to the destination managed media server. The managed media server may not be online, or there may be a communications failure. The job will be recovered.


The displayed message is: The job failed to start on the destination managed media server, possibly because a database error occurred. The job will be recovered.

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