Configuring CASO

After installing CASO, you can do the following to configure your CASO environment.

Table: Configuring the CASO environment

If you want to

Do this

Set defaults for a managed media server

See Setting defaults for managed media servers.

Accommodate a low bandwidth network connection or reduce network traffic

See About reducing network traffic in CASO.

Customize thresholds for unresponsive managed media servers to enable job recovery, and customize how often managed media servers send active job status updates

See Setting communication thresholds and active job status updates for CASO .

Customize job log settings and job history information to remain on managed media servers. The information also can be copied and moved automatically to the central administration server.

See Copying logs and histories to the central administration server.

Change the location of the device and media data

See Running the Backup Exec Utility for CASO operations.

Delegate jobs from the central administration server to any available devices

See Creating device pools.

Perform operations on a group of managed media servers

See Grouping managed media servers in pools in CASO .

View alerts that are generated on a managed media server

See Configuring alerts in CASO.

Configure notification when alerts occur

See Configuring notification in CASO.

View default error-handling rules for recovering failed jobs

See Recovering failed jobs in CASO.

Let a delegated backup job use any network interface to access remote agents if the selected network interface is unavailable

See Enabling managed media servers to use any available network interface card .