Creating users

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The BatPost mail server supports several types of users or also known as accounts. Messages arriving at different accounts are processed differently. In this section we will take a closer look at "ordinary" users whose messages are stored in their personal mailboxes.


When creating a new user first of all you will be asked to specify the domain the user will belong to:




Then a window where all the basic user parameters can be entered will appear:




You must enter the user name on the server and optionally his/hers full name and comment.




The next window is where the authentication parameters can be set up. If users will connect to the server using e-mail clients supporting strong authentication methods (e.g. The Bat!) then the CRAM-MD5  authentication method is preferable. If Outlook is planned to be used then you should stick to NTLM (MSN) authentication method.


The next window will either terminate the Wizard or will continue creating users: