Creating domains

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For a mail server the domain is an essence that joins together many users. From the Internet point of view a domain is a symbolic resources address in the network. In our case this duality means that the mail server has to be correctly configured in the DNS. In other words for this domain name there has to be one or more MX record. For every host present in the MX records there has to be the A record, which will allow finding out its IP-address.


On the server the domain name must coincide to the one entered in DNS.




As you create a domain you have to enter its name, optional comment and the administrator's e-mail address. There are common standards for creating mail subsystems that require the presence of some special e-mail addresses such as POSTMASTER. It is possible to create users with the necessary names on the server, but usually it is enough to redirect to the administrator messages that arrive at special e-mail addresses.


The next window will either terminate the Wizard or will continue creating domains: