User Forms



Using forms, it is possible to obtain any data directly entered by the user. During the data scan, the user is asked to complete the form.


TIP: Collected user-forms data can be edited from it’s report window.

User Forms Items Definition

Enter the form‘s item attributes in the ”Definitions / Users


Audit Message


Enter/change of the information message displayed to the user during the data scan.



Data Scan with User Forms

Information from the data scan user forms are automatically saved into INI files. Hence it is necessary to apply the INI file (SCAN.INI) containing form definitions to the scan utility during the data scan by the logon script.


Scanned Data Display/Edit

You can display or change the data scanned from users in the ”Results / Users Forms” window.


Forms Data Processing

If users‘ data are related (e.g. the computer data applies to the user; the hardware component data relates to the computer), it is necessary to record the relation in the system.

AuditPro automatically allows (”Menu/Tools/Forms Data Processing ”):

Edit Bar

InsertInsert (key INS) - Insert new item.

PropertiesProperties (key ENTER) - Change the selected item’s properties.

DeleteDelete - Delete the selected item.


Enter/change user form items