Directory Services

ADSI Enumerations

Active Directory® Service Interfaces (ADSI) define and use the following enumerations.

Enumeration Description
ADS_ACEFLAG_ENUM Specifies how security propagates for inherited access-control entries (ACEs) and types of auditing for a system ACE.
ADS_ACETYPE_ENUM Specifies the type of ACE.
ADS_AUTHENTICATION_ENUM Specifies the security levels used in authenticating a client.
ADS_CHASE_REFERRALS_ENUM Specifies the behavior of referral chasing.
ADS_DEREFENUM Specifies the behavior of alias dereferencing.
ADS_DISPLAY_ENUM Specifies how a path is to be displayed.
ADS_ESCAPE_MODE_ENUM Specifies whether special characters are escaped, unescaped, or untouched.
ADS_FLAGTYPE_ENUM Specifies the presence of the ObjectType or InheritedObjectType fields in an ACE.
ADS_FORMAT_ENUM Specifies the type of values in a pathname object.
ADS_GROUP_TYPE_ENUM Specifies the group type of the member.
ADS_NAME_INITTYPE_ENUM Specifies the type of initialization to be performed on a name translate object.
ADS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM Specifies the format used to represent distinguished names.
ADS_OPTION_ENUM Specifies the available options that the IADsObjectOptions interface uses for manipulating directory objects.
ADS_PASSWORD_ENCODING_ENUM Used to identify the type of password encoding used with the ADS_OPTION_PASSWORD_METHOD option in the IADsObjectOptions::GetOption and IADsObjectOptions::SetOption methods
ADS_PATHTYPE_ENUM Specifies the type of object on which the security descriptor will be modified.
ADS_PREFERENCES_ENUM Specifies the query preferences of the OLE DB for ADSI.
ADS_PROPERTY_OPERATION_ENUM Specifies the ways to update property values in the property cache.
ADS_RIGHTS_ENUM Specifies the access rights to a directory service object.
ADS_SCOPEENUM Specifies the scope of a directory search.
ADS_SD_CONTROL_ENUM Specifies that an access-control list (ACL) is to be protected when new permissions are recursively applied to a directory tree.
ADS_SD_FORMAT_ENUM Specifies the format for converting the security descriptor.
ADS_SD_REVISION_ENUM Specifies the revision number of an ACE or ACL.
ADS_SEARCHPREF_ENUM Specifies preferences of the search.
ADS_SECURITY_INFO_ENUM Specifies the options for examining security information.
ADS_SETTYPE_ENUM Specifies the path format in IADsPathname::Set.
ADS_STATUSENUM Specifies the status of search preferences.
ADS_SYSTEMFLAG_ENUM Specifies the types of attributes represented by an attributeSchema object.
ADS_USER_FLAG_ENUM Specifies flags used for manipulating user properties.
ADSI_DIALECT_ENUM Specifies available ADSI query dialects.
ADSTYPEENUM Specifies data types used to interpret an ADSI extended syntax string.


Because VBScript cannot read information from a type library, VBScript applications do not understand the symbolic constants as defined in these enumerations. You should use the numerical constants instead to set the appropriate flags in your VBScript applications. If you want to use the symbolic constants as a good programming practice, you should make explicit declarations of such constants, as done here, in your VBScript applications.

See Also

IADsObjectOptions, IADsPathname::Set