Active Directory Application Mode

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Microsoft® Active Directory® Application Mode (ADAM) is an independent mode of Active Directory that provides dedicated directory services for applications.

Where Applicable

Although ADAM independently provides directory storage and access for applications, ADAM uses the same standard application programming interfaces (APIs) as Active Directory to manage and access the application data. The resulting conceptual and programming compatibility makes ADAM ideal for applications that require directory services, but do not require the complete infrastructure features of Active Directory.

Developer Audience

ADAM is a directory services solution for developers familiar with programming for Active Directory. Developers unfamiliar with Active Directory will find integrating ADAM as a directory service for their applications easier than using the complete features of Active Directory. In both cases, ADAM provides a directory services solution for developers that seek compatibility and consistency with Active Directory.

Run-Time Requirements

ADAM runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition; Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; or Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition for full operational functionality. Development for ADAM can occur on any of these Windows Server 2003 platforms. ADAM also runs on Microsoft Window XP Professional, with some functional limitations, for standalone development.

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