System.DirectoryServices (SDS) is a namespace in the .NET Framework that provides simple programming access to LDAP directories such as Active Directory. System.DirectoryServices is built on the Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) API.

This guide is a supplement to information found in the .NET Framework programming guide and provides background information about System.DirectoryServices, using information, and programming code examples. The .NET Framework programming guide contains all reference information for the System.DirectoryServices namespace.

Where Applicable

System administrators can use System.DirectoryServices to automate tasks that manage objects in the directory.

Developer Audience

System administrators can use SDS to manage network resources, such as users and computers, stored in a directory. Developers can use SDS to build applications that search, create, or modify objects in a directory.

Run-Time Requirements

System.DirectoryServices is supported on Windows Server 2003. System.DirectoryServices can be redistributed on Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Windows NT 4.0, as long as the DS Client is installed on client machines. It can also be redistributed on Windows 2000 Windows XP.

About System.DirectoryServices

Using System.DirectoryServices

Creating Active Directory Components

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