Directory Services

Active Directory Logging and Recovery Errors

The following table lists logging and recovery errors for Active Directory.

Value Description
hrLogFileCorrupt The log file is damaged.
hrNoBackupDirectory No backup directory was given.
hrBackupDirectoryNotEmpty The backup directory is not empty.
hrBackupInProgress Backup is active.
hrMissingPreviousLogFile A log file for the checkpoint is missing.
hrLogWriteFail Unable to write to the log file.
hrBadLogVersion The version of the log file is not compatible with the version of the Windows NT/Windows 2000 Directory Service database (NTDS).
hrInvalidLogSequence The time stamp in the next log does not match what was expected.
hrLoggingDisabled The log is not active.
hrLogBufferTooSmall The log buffer is too small to be recovered.
hrLogSequenceEnd The maximum number of log files has been exceeded.
hrNoBackup There is no backup in progress.
hrInvalidBackupSequence The backup call is out of sequence.
hrBackupNotAllowedYet Unable to perform a backup now.
hrDeleteBackupFileFail Unable to delete the backup file.
hrMakeBackupDirectoryFail Unable to make a backup temporary directory.
hrInvalidBackup An incremental backup cannot be performed when circular logging is enabled.
hrRecoveredWithErrors Errors were encountered during the repair process.
hrMissingLogFile The current log file is missing.
hrLogDiskFull The log disk is full.
hrBadLogSignature A log file is damaged.
hrBadDbSignature A database file is damaged.
hrBadCheckpointSignature A checkpoint file is damaged.
hrCheckpointCorrupt A checkpoint file either could not be found or is damaged.
hrDatabaseInconsistent The database is damaged.
hrConsistentTimeMismatch There is a mismatch in the database's last consistent time.
hrPatchFileMismatch The patch file is not generated from this backup.
hrRestoreLogTooLow The starting log number is too low for the restore.
hrRestoreLogTooHigh The starting log number is too high for the restore.
hrGivenLogFileHasBadSignature The log file downloaded from the tape is damaged.
hrGivenLogFileIsNotContiguous Unable to find a mandatory log file after the tape was downloaded.
hrMissingRestoreLogFiles The data is not fully restored because some log files are missing.
hrExistingLogFileHasBadSignature The log file in the log file path is damaged.
hrExistingLogFileIsNotContiguous Unable to find a mandatory log file in the log file path.
hrMissingFullBackup The database missed a previous full backup before the incremental backup.
hrBadBackupDatabaseSize The backup database size must be a multiple of 4K (4096 bytes).
hrTermInProgress The database is being shut down.
hrFeatureNotAvailable The feature is not available.
hrInvalidName The name is invalid.
hrInvalidParameter The parameter is invalid.
hrColumnNull The value of the column is null.
hrBufferTruncated The buffer is too small for data.
hrDatabaseAttached The database is already attached.
hrInvalidDatabaseId The database ID is invalid.
hrOutOfMemory The computer is out of memory.
hrOutOfDatabaseSpace The database has reached the maximum size of 16 GB.
hrOutOfCursors Out of table cursors.
hrOutOfBuffers Out of database page buffers.
hrTooManyIndexes There are too many indexes.
hrTooManyKeys There are too many columns in an index.
hrRecordDeleted The record has been deleted.
hrReadVerifyFailure A read verification error occurred.
hrOutOfFileHandles Out of file handles.
hrDiskIO A disk I/O error occurred.
hrInvalidPath The path to the file is invalid.
hrRecordTooBig The record has exceeded the maximum size.
hrTooManyOpenDatabases There are too many open databases.
hrInvalidDatabase The file is not a database file.
hrNotInitialized The database was not yet called.
hrAlreadyInitialized The database was already called.
hrFileAccessDenied Unable to access the file.
hrBufferTooSmall The buffer is too small.
hrSeekNotEqual Either SeekLE or SeekGE cannot find an exact match.
hrTooManyColumns There are too many columns defined.
hrContainerNotEmpty The container is not empty.
hrInvalidFilename The filename is invalid.
hrInvalidBookmark The bookmark is invalid.
hrColumnInUse The column is used in an index.
hrInvalidBufferSize The data buffer does not match the column size.
hrColumnNotUpdatable Unable to set the column value.
hrIndexInUse The index is in use.
hrNullKeyDisallowed Null keys are not allowed on an index.
hrNotInTransaction The operation must be within a transaction.
hrNoIdleActivity No idle activity occurred.
hrTooManyActiveUsers There are too many active database users.
hrInvalidCountry The country code is either not known or is invalid.
hrInvalidLanguageId The language ID is either not known or is invalid.
hrInvalidCodePage The code page is either not known or is invalid.
hrNoWriteLock There is no write lock at transaction level 0.
hrColumnSetNull The column value is set to null.
hrVersionStoreOutOfMemory The lMaxVerPages exceeded (XJET only).
hrCurrencyStackOutOfMemory Out of cursors.
hrOutOfSessions Out of sessions.
hrWriteConflict The write lock failed due to an outstanding write lock.
hrTransTooDeep The transactions are nested too deeply.
hrInvalidSesid The session handle is invalid.
hrSessionWriteConflict Another session has a private version of the page.
hrInTransaction The operation is not allowed within a transaction.
hrDatabaseDuplicate The database already exists.
hrDatabaseInUse The database is in use.
hrDatabaseNotFound The database does not exist.
hrDatabaseInvalidName The database name is invalid.
hrDatabaseInvalidPages The number of pages is invalid.
hrDatabaseCorrupted The database file is either damaged or cannot be found.
hrDatabaseLocked The database is locked.
hrTableEmpty An empty table was opened.
hrTableLocked The table is locked.
hrTableDuplicate The table already exists.
hrTableInUse Unable to lock the table because it is already in use.
hrObjectNotFound The table or object does not exist.
hrCannotRename Unable to rename the temporary file.
hrDensityInvalid The file/index density is invalid.
hrTableNotEmpty Unable to define the clustered index.
hrInvalidTableId The table ID is invalid.
hrTooManyOpenTables Unable to open any more tables.
hrIllegalOperation The operation is not supported on tables.
hrObjectDuplicate The table or object name is already being used.
hrInvalidObject The object is invalid for operation.
hrIndexCantBuild Unable to build a clustered index.
hrIndexHasPrimary The primary index is already defined.
hrIndexDuplicate The index is already defined.
hrIndexNotFound The index does not exist.
hrIndexMustStay Unable to delete a clustered index.
hrIndexInvalidDef The index definition is illegal.
hrIndexHasClustered The clustered index is already defined.
hrCreateIndexFailed Unable to create the index because an error occurred while creating a table.
hrTooManyOpenIndexes Out of index description blocks.
hrColumnLong The column value is too long.
hrColumnDoesNotFit The field will not fit in the record.
hrNullInvalid The value cannot be null.
hrColumnIndexed Unable to delete because the column is indexed.
hrColumnTooBig The length of the field exceeds the maximum length of 255 bytes.
hrColumnNotFound Unable to find the column.
hrColumnDuplicate The field is already defined.
hrColumn2ndSysMaint Only one auto-increment or version column is allowed per table.
hrInvalidColumnType The column data type is invalid.
hrColumnMaxTruncated The column was truncated because it exceeded the maximum length of 255 bytes.
hrColumnCannotIndex Unable to index a long value column.
hrTaggedNotNULL Tagged columns cannot be null.
hrNoCurrentIndex The entry is invalid without a current index.
hrKeyIsMade The key is complete.
hrBadColumnId The column ID is incorrect.
hrBadItagSequence There is a bad instance identifier for a multivalued column.
hrCannotBeTagged AutoIncrement and Version cannot be multivalued.
hrRecordNotFound Unable to find the key.
hrNoCurrentRecord The currency is not on a record.
hrRecordClusteredChanged A clustered key cannot be changed.
hrKeyDuplicate The key already exists.
hrAlreadyPrepared The current entry has already been copied or cleared.
hrKeyNotMade No key was made.
hrUpdateNotPrepared Update was not prepared.
hrwrnDataHasChanged Data has changed.
hrerrDataHasChanged The operation was abandoned because data has changed.
hrKeyChanged Moved to a new key.
hrTooManySorts There are too many sort processes.
hrInvalidOnSort An operation that is invalid occurred in the sort.
hrTempFileOpenError Unable to open the temporary file.
hrTooManyAttachedDatabases There are too many databases open.
hrDiskFull The disk is full.
hrPermissionDenied Permission is denied.
hrFileNotFound Unable to find the file.
hrFileOpenReadOnly The database file is read-only.
hrAfterInitialization Unable to restore after initialization.
hrLogCorrupted The database log files are damaged.
hrInvalidOperation The operation is invalid.
hrAccessDenied Access is denied.

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