Directory Services

Active Directory Backup Errors

Value Description
hrNyi The function is not implemented.
hrInvalidParam The parameter is invalid.
hrError An internal error occurred.
hrInvalidHandle The handle is invalid.
hrRestoreInProgress The restore process is in progress.
hrAlreadyOpen The specified file is open.
hrInvalidRecips The recipients are invalid.
hrCouldNotConnect Unable to backup. A connection to the specified backup server was not detected or the service you are attempting to back up is not running.
hrRestoreMapExists A restore map exists for the specified component. A restore map can be specified when performing a full restore.
hrIncrementalBackupDisabled Another application has modified the specified Windows NT/Windows 2000 Directory Service database such that any subsequent backups will fail. To fix this, perform a full backup.
hrLogFileNotFound Unable to perform an incremental backup because a required Windows NT/Windows 2000 Directory Service database log file could not be found.
hrCircularLogging The Windows NT/Windows 2000 Directory Service component specified is configured to use circular database logs. It cannot be backed up incrementally. Perform a full backup.
hrNoFullRestore The databases have not been restored to this computer. You cannot restore an incremental backup until a full backup has been restored.
hrCommunicationError A communications error occurred while attempting to perform a local backup.
hrFullBackupNotTaken You must perform a full backup before you can perform an incremental backup.
hrMissingExpiryToken Expiry token is missing. Cannot restore without the expiry data.
hrUnknownExpiryTokenFormat Expiry token is in an unrecognizable format.
hrContentsExpired DS Contents in the backup are out of date. Restore with a recent copy.

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