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LINK Table


Associations between defects and other entities.


  Column Name Description Datatype Length Allow
Primary Key  LN_LINK_ID The record ID. Integer 4  
  LN_BUG_ID The defect to which the entity is linked: BUG.BG_BUG_ID. Integer 4
  LN_ENTITY_TYPE The table name of the entity linked to the defect. If LN_ENTITY_TYPE is BUG, then the link is between two defects. VarChar 30
  LN_ENTITY_ID The record ID of the entity in the table specified by LN_ENTITY_TYPE. Integer 4
  LN_CREATED_BY The link author. VarChar 60
  LN_CREATION_DATE The date the link was created, based on the database-server clock. DBTimeStamp 4
  LN_LINK_TYPE A value of the Link Type custom list. VarChar 60
  LN_LINK_COMMENT The link description. VarChar 255


Index Primary Unique

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