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System and custom lists and folder trees.


Folder structures are recreated with a self-join of ALL_LISTS parent and ALL_LISTS child where child.AL_FATHER_ID = parent.AL_ITEM_ID.  For top level nodes, AL_FATHER_ID = 0.

In addition, each child node inherits the AL_ABSOLUTE_PATH of its parent node and appends three more characters. For example, the children of the node with path AAAAAA have paths AAAAAAA, AAAAAAB, AAAAAAC, and so on.



  Column Name Description Datatype Length Allow
Primary Key  AL_ITEM_ID The record ID. Integer 4  
  AL_FATHER_ID The ID of the parent folder, list, or list item.  Tree and list roots have AL_FATHER_ID = 0. Integer 4
  AL_DESCRIPTION The item description. VarChar 255
  AL_NO_OF_SONS The number of immediate child nodes (not including children of those children). Integer 4
  AL_SYSTEM The permissions for the item:
R - read-only but can add sub-folders.
S - system field (Quality Center does not permit changes to this field).
A - all actions are available.
C - can change but not delete.
VarChar 1
  AL_ABSOLUTE_PATH An alphabetic code showing the folder tree structure. List and root nodes have a six-letter path from AAAAAA to ZZZZZZ VarChar 255  
  AL_VIEW_ORDER The display order of this child item when the parent node is expanded in the user interface. Integer 4
  AL_MEMO A descriptive comment. LongVarChar 16
  AL_ATTACHMENT A Value of Y indicates that the item has at least one attachment. VarChar 1
  AL_ITEM_VERSION For backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version. Integer 4
  AL_VER_STAMP The revision number of this item. Increments each time the record is updated. Integer 4
  AL_VTS The version time stamp. Indicates the database-server time the record was last changed. VarChar 20


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