Library Validation Code


Data type Range Default value
REG_BINARY Unique code signature There is no default value for this entry.


Identifies a trusted performance counter DLL.

This entry stores data identifying a particular version of a performance counter DLL as one that has been certified to be free of disabling errors. When the data for a DLL matches the value of this entry, the Performance Library (Perflib) considers the DLL to be trusted.

This entry is added to the registry by the script that installs the DLL in Windows 2000.

Activation method

To make changes to this entry effective, restart the Remote Registry Service or restart Windows 2000.

Note Image Note

By default, trusted counter DLLs are exempt from Perflib's extensive run–time testing, but you can use ExtCounterTestLevel to require some tests. ExtCounterTestLevel applies to all trusted counters on the system, not just those of any particular service.

Tip Image Tip

If particular performance counters do not appear in your performance monitoring tool, check the Application Log in Event Viewer for events recorded by Perflib. When Perflib detects disabling errors in a counter DLL, it records an event in the log and sets the value of DisablePerformanceCounters to 1 to disable the counters.

Caution Image Caution

Do not change the value of this entry by editing the registry. If you do, the performance counters for this service will not operate properly.

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