Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0 | 1 0


Directs the DHCP client to ignore Media Sense events from the interface.

Media Sense provides a mechanism for network adapters to notify the protocol stack of when network media is connected and disconnected. The protocol stack can then update its network configuration parameters. Media Sense is especially useful on portable computers which are commonly disconnected from one network and connected to a different network.

Media sense events direct the DHCP client to take an action, such as attempting to obtain a lease when a media is connected, or invalidating the interface and routes when media is disconnected.

Value Meaning
0 Enables media sense on the DHCP client.
1 Disables media sense on the DHCP client.

Note Image Note

Because 10b2 or coaxial (RG-58) Ethernet cable is not a connection-based media, media sense does not detect connection and disconnection events on this type of network cable.

NetBEUI and IPX do not recognize media sense events.