Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0 | 1 0


Generates a log of messages and API calls.

This entry starts the Rsvptrace tool, which records RSVP messages that are sent and received by the RSVP service provider on a host computer. The log also includes records of API calls between applications and the RSVP service provider. You can use these records to verify that applications are making the required calls to the API, that the RSVP service provider is generating RSVP messages, and that messages are arriving from the network. Rsvptrace is included in Windows 2000.

The Rsvptrace log files are stored in %windir%\System32\Logfiles and are named RsvpTrace<NN>.txt, where <NN> is a number from 00 to 09. Rsvptrace starts a new log when each log is full and, after all ten have been created, it writes over the oldest log file.

Value Meaning
0 Disable the Rsvptrace tool.
1 Enable the Rsvptrace tool.

Activation method

To make changes to this entry effective, use Computer Management to stop and restart the RSVP service.

Note Image Note

You can enables Rsvptrace on an Admission Control Service server to inspect received and transmitted RSVP messages. However, because ACS servers do not run multimedia applications, no API call records appear in the trace.

Windows 2000 does not add this entry to the registry. You can add it by editing the registry or by using a program that edits the registry.