The Push subkey contains entries that specify how and when the WINS server sends update notification messages to its push partners. These entries are stored at the root level of the Push subkey and apply to all push operations.

In addition to the entries stored in the Push subkey, the Push subkey contains one subkey representing each push partner to which the WINS server sends update notification messages. These subkeys, which are named by the IP address of the push partner, store data that applies only to that push partner. See IP address of push partner subkey.

Change method

To display and change these values, use the WINS console. In the console tree, click Replication Partners, on the Action menu, click Properties, and then click the Push Replication tab.

Activation method

Changes to these value in this subkey are effective immediately; you do not have to restart WINS or Windows 2000. To see the changes reflected in your registry editor, just refresh the display.

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