Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0x0 - 0x3 | 0x800 0x3


Determines whether logon scripts are enabled or disabled by default. This entry applies to users the first time they log on.

Once they have logged on, administrators can use GSNW in Control Panel to enable or disable logon scripts.

Value Meaning
0x0 Logon scripts are disabled.
0x1 Logon scripts are enabled only on bindery servers.
0x2 Logon scripts are enabled only on Novell Directory Services (NDS) directories.
0x3 Logon scripts are enabled on both bindery servers and NDS directories.
0x800 Logon scripts enabled and are in debugging mode.

This entry is a bitmask. Bit 1 enables logon scripts on bindery servers. Bit 2 (10 binary) enables logon scripts on NDS servers. To enable logon scripts on a type of server, set the bit for that server type to 1. To turn debugging mode on, set bit 12 (10000000000, or 0x800).

The DefaultLocation and DefaultScriptOptions entries let you set default values for the preferred server and logon script client options. When both of these entries appear in the registry with valid values, the system supresses the Select NetWare Logon dialog box that requests this information from the user. Otherwise, the dialog box appears each time a user logs on until they select a preferred server.

Note Image Note

This entry is used only when the DefaultScriptOptions entry appears in the registry with a valid value. Otherwise, the entry is ignored and the system requires a user to specify their logon script options on the Select NetWare Logon dialog box.