Data type Range Default value
REG_DWORD 0 | 1 | 2 Standard primary zones:  0
Active Directory-integrated zones:  2


Determines whether this primary zone accepts dynamic update requests. Once accepted by the zone, the update request still is subject to any security requirements established for updates.

Value Meaning
0 This zone does not accept dynamic update requests.
1 This zone accepts dynamic update requests.
2 This zone only accepts secure dynamic update requests. This option is available only on zones that are integrated with Active Directory.

Change method

To change the value of this entry, use the DNS console. Right-click the zone name, click Properties, click the General tab. This entry corresponds to the Dynamic update drop-down box. Do not change this value by editing the registry.

Activation method

DNS reads its registry entries only when it starts. You can change entries while the DNS server is running by using the DNS snap-in. If you change entries by editing the registry, the changes are not effective until you restart the DNS server.

Note Image Note

This entry is effective only in a primary DNS zone. Otherwise, the entry is ignored.

Tip Image Tip

To find other registry entries related to DNS dynamic update, type "dynamic update" on the Search tab in this file.