About user-directed archive restrictions (NTFS5 and later)

On Microsoft Windows systems that use file system NTFS 5.0 and later, mount point and Single Instance Store (SIS) restrictions apply.

Mount point restrictions

NetBackup does not enter mount points it may encounter during an archive. Instead, the mount point is unmounted and the empty directory (folder) is deleted. If an archive operation starts inside a mounted volume (not at the root), the target items are removed.

For example, assume that MountPoint is a volume mount point and d2 is an object in the mounted volume (c:\d1\MountPoint\d2).

Depending on what is archived, the following may occur:

  • If c:\d1 is archived, MountPoint is unmounted and removed along with any other objects in c:\d1. Nothing in the mounted volume is deleted.

  • If c:\d1\MountPoint\d2 is archived, c:\d1\MountPoint\d2 and any non-mount point children of d2 are deleted.

Single Instance Store (SIS) restrictions

NetBackup does not delete any items in the Common SIS volumes. If it is requested, links can be deleted and the SIS manager determines whether to delete the corresponding Common Store items.