Export Archive

The Export Archive wizard enables you to export archived items to PST files or mailboxes.

The options on the Welcome page are as follows.

Export archives to PST files

Use this option when:

  • You want to give a user a personal copy of archived items, perhaps to use when out of the office.

  • You are sending individual mailbox archives somewhere for safekeeping.

  • You are moving a mailbox, and you want to move the user's archived items without first restoring them to the mailbox.

Export archives to their original mailboxes

Use this option when:

  • You are transferring mailboxes and want to send the users' archived items too.

  • You have been running a pilot installation of Enterprise Vault and now want to copy everything that has been archived back to the original mailboxes.

Export a single archive to a chosen mailbox

Use this option when, for example:

  • A person takes over an existing role within the company. You could export everything archived from the old mailbox with the 'Business' retention category to the new mailbox.

  • There is a legal investigation: you could copy everything that has been archived from a particular mailbox to a new mailbox, ready for investigation.

Manage interrupted exports

This option is available only if there are interrupted exports.

Select this option if you have started an export that was interrupted and now want to continue from where it was interrupted, or delete it.

You can export all the items in an archive, or you can specify a Retention Category, a date range, or a root folder path to extract just some of the archived items.

The appropriate Storage service for the archive must be running in order for the items to be exported.

When you have made your selection, click Next.