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DameWare Development, LLC.

108 Innwood Drive

Covington, La. 70433

Phone: (985) 871-7519

Fax: (985) 871-7510



For general, or sales related questions such as pricing, order status, and software activation, please contact the DameWare Sales department.


On the Web:


Phone:         (985) 871-7519 9:00-5:00 CST.  



For technical support issues related to DameWare Development software, please first consult these Help Files and the online documentation (Knowledgebase, FAQ, and Community Forum).  If further assistance is required, please email the Technical Support department at the address provided below.


On the Web:



***DameWare Development does NOT provide technical support over the phone.  All technical support is provided free of charge through email.


End of Life:

Technical Support will be provided for the current (latest) version of DameWare Development software.  Technical Support will be provided for the version of DameWare Development software immediately preceding the current version.  As per this policy, technical support is currently available for versions 6 and 7 of DameWare Development software.


DameWare Development is grateful for all comments and suggestions.  Many customer suggestions have been incorporated into DameWare software to enhance its features and performance.  The time taken to share comments is greatly appreciated as constant effort is made to improve the level of quality and performance of DameWare Development software.